1. Google.com/sktool – Search based keywords. (If you ever heard of Google’s Wonderwheel which sadly disappeared, this is the next best thing to find out what key words you should be using in your content)
  2. www.listorious.com (You can find people to follow on Twitter related to your expertise/ industry)
  3. www.technorati.com (Find out about anything on blogs/ posts)
  4. www.netvibes.com (Build your own dashboards)
  5. www.surveymonkey.com (Survey your customers or employees)
  6. http://www.twilert.com/ (Track tweets containing your brand, name or competitors) – set it up and an email will be sent to you.
  7. http://www.pulpmedia.at/how-does-google-adwords-work/ (Explains how Google’s Adwords work)
  8. www.slideshare.net (Search for almost any presentation on any topic. Upload your own presentations too)
  9. http://www.socialmention.com/ (Like Google Alerts but for social media)
  10. http://www.tweetreach.com (How far did your tweet travel?)
  11. Google Reader – Brilliant for aggregating content. (Works very well on an iPad and now iPhone with FlipBoard)

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