Tweetorial by Arthur Goldstuck

Some valuable advice from Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx today via his Tweetorial:

1. When you sign up, follow Twitter recommendations on whom to follow, based on your interests.
2. Lurk before you blurt. (Bulls in China shops not welcome here.)
3. Don’t tweet what you eat. (Don’t tweet mindless trivia that’s of no interest to anyone)
4. You’re in public. Dress your tweets accordingly.
5. Don’t tweet in anger. Even if you win, you lose.
6. Don’t tweet and drive. It can be life-altering in ways you wouldn’t want.
7. Social media spam is still spam. Don’t auto-tweet what you do in 4Sq, Facebook, Klout, LinkedIn, etc.
8. You can call yourself what you like in your bio, but if it’s expert, guru, maven, etc., then it starts getting ugly.
9. Before you tweet what you wrote, read what you wrote. You can survive 1 error, but not constant mis-tweets.
10. Don’t auto-DM. It feels like auto-spam.

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