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I have a new year’s resolution and that is to make my life simpler yet more productive in 2013.  Being in the communications industry one has to read, read and read some more. Information is so easily accessible these days, but it can become a nightmare to manage.

The new buzzword in managing your information is content aggregation. This simply means, making it easier to access and to read. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, there are many tools one could use to access and share information easily and painlessly. I’d like to share a few of my favourite apps with you. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone and these apps work brilliantly. All these apps also make the sharing of content easy.

1. Flipboard (www.flipboard.com) – There is something so satisfying about using your finger to flip through content. It also makes Twitter and facebook more fun to view. I give this app 10 stars.

2. Zite (www.zite.com) – This is a useful app since it allows you to tailor your content according to your interests. If you’re interested in astronomy related news and content, then it will pick up on this and refine your content.

3. Google Reader – A highly powerful app on mobile and smartphones. Organise your relevant feeds from the Google Reader website and browse using your smartphone or tablet.  Google Reader also gives you plenty of  choice in terms of subscribing to online magazines and newspapers.

4. Google Alerts  – I suppose you can’t really call this an app, but I couldn’t leave it out of the content aggregation equation. Google Alerts allows Google to inbox you relevant information with your own chosen keywords. Searches news, blogs, websites and more. A very powerful tool.

5. Google Currents – Once you have set up Google Reader, you can link your feeds to the Google Currents app. It also gives you plenty of options in terms of news subscriptions.

6. Google Plus – Last, but certainly not least, Google Plus gives one the ability to follow circles of interest or people and companies to receive regular posts of interest. Create your own communities such as friends, industry, acquaintances, clients and share relevant information.

For more news aggregators go to the following link: http://www.simplyzesty.com/mobile/the-11-best-news-aggregator-apps-for-those-on-the-go/#

Have fun managing and sharing your content!

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