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This article from HubSpot hits the nail on the head. Whether you’re involved in marketing, PR or management – your business is all about people and how you manage to really connect with your customers. It sounds simple – don’t treat your customers like numbers, treat them like humans. However, many lose sight of this basic requirement when the pressure to deliver is on! Have a read and feel free to leave your comments.

Human-to-Human Marketing: A Trend for 2015 and Beyond

Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop. It still looks and smells the same, but something is off. As you approach the counter, ready to order the usual, it hits you – this place is being run by robots.

These particular robots don’t care that you’ve been coming there every day for the past six months, or that you’re lactose intolerant. They’re not interested in talking with you about your morning or giving you a little something extra because you’re a loyal customer and you deserve it.

Nope, these robots were programmed to do one thing and only thing only, and that’s get your money and give you a coffee back.

That sounds horrible, right? And yet, that’s how some businesses still operate. We, the consumers, are mere representations of data and revenue – numbers.

But we’re not numbers and they aren’t robots. So, what is the one thing that businesses and consumers ultimately have in common? We’re all 100%, completely, undeniably human.

Welcome to the Human Era

To read the rest of the HubSpot article click here:

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