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How times have changed. Well, the tech media in particular. Digital and social media have become mainstream in our connected world and for younger PR practitioners, the norm.

Looking back, on the 1st March 1996, online tech publication ITWeb was born. The online news portal quite literally changed the media landscape for local tech players and the PR industry.

Many were skeptical about launching an online news portal. After all – print was king! To get your client in a physical copy of “Computer Week” or “Computing SA” in the 90’s was deemed the pinnacle of PR success. It was tangible! You could touch it and see it.

A news portal on the Internet? Who would read your press release? I recall having to convince my clients that having a press office on ITWeb would benefit them. It took quite a bit of coaxing. Back then we didn’t know about SEO and the power of Google searches. We simply knew that ITWeb was a new platform to get our client’s messages out there.

Twenty years later, ITWeb is still going strong! Today we have more online technology publications than print, which shows the shift to digital data consumption and our tech-influenced lifestyles.

With that in mind, I imagined that it would be useful to have a list of the key technology publications in South Africa. So here they are: (In no order of preference).

ITWeb: A vital resource for South African ICT decision-makers, ITWeb delivers news, views and information through diverse content platforms, including online, e-newsletters, social media, print and events. ITWeb is recognised as South Africa’s technology news and information leader.

Tips: Consider having a press office on ITWeb for maximum exposure and benefits. They also have various packages which include exposure on their social media channels, as well as media coverage in the print issue of ICT Insight (insert in Brainstorm magazine).  

What’s new? If you have signed up for a press office then your company’s Twitter stream can be added to your profile page. There are many advertising opportunities available, so it’s worth setting up a meeting with one of their sales execs.

ITWeb distributes a daily newsletter with URLs to the latest tech news. Make a point of subscribing.  Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube. Schedule a meeting with one of ITWeb’s sales execs to understand the full potential of their advertising options.

TechCentral: TechCentral is the leading quality news and information resource for people involved in South Africa’s fast-growing information and communications technology industry and those interested in the fast-changing world of information technology.

Tip: As stated on their website, one of TechCentral’s basic principles is ‘We will never toe the corporate line.’  They will not publish press releases but rather follow up on a story and write their own content. TechCentral is known for its investigative journalism, high-quality, independent and balanced reporting and analysis.

Duncan McLeod is founder and editor of the website and is one of the most respected tech journalists in South Africa.  Duncan regularly comments on radio and TV on developments in South Africa’s ICT industry.

Consider subscribing to their daily newsletter and connect with them on the various social media channels. Oh yes, and have a beer with Duncan. He can teach you a thing or two about the tech industry! 

MyBroadband: MyBroadband is the largest IT Website in South Africa with 2.2 million readers per month, serving the local market with technology and business tech news and the largest online community in the country.

Tip: MyBroadband has a massive online reach and every year its figures surpass other local tech online publications. For tech companies wanting to gain exposure on this site, consider paying for a press office. You’ll receive regular reports on how well your press releases are doing. (ITWeb also provide detailed reports) Your articles get published on the home page and your press office page. It is important to note that over time, your published articles gain more exposure due to SEO and Google searches.

Without a press office, your press releases don’t tend to get published – unless you have breaking news to share. It is best to partner with a reputable PR agency in order to establish relationships with the relevant journalists.

MyBroadband also sends out a daily e-newsletter with the tech news of the day. 

And finally – Don’t miss out on MyBroadband’s industry conference. That’s an event you don’t want to miss. (MyBroadband Conference 2015 impresses) MyBroadband BusinessTech forms part of MyBroadband, the largest online IT publisher in South Africa with 1 million readers per month. BusinessTech focusses on Business Technology news, complementing MyBroadband which is a general IT publication.

Tip: To learn more about BusinessTech and the editorial and advertising team click here.

Brainstorm Magazine: ITWeb Brainstorm is a monthly magazine for decision-makers and other intelligent people. Brainstorm offers content on burning business issues that is fresh, controversial, independent and valuable. It is a local publication, focused on the South African market, and produced by local people. A staff of experienced editors and journalists bring readers world-class analytical reporting on topical issues focusing on the people, issues, trends and technologies shaping South-African business.

Tip: Brainstorm magazine is part of ITWeb and was launched in 2001. It is a highly respected print publication with a mix of editorial content from profiling business leaders, to industry trends and news, special features, a lifestyle section and excellent contributions from journalists. Set up an appointment with one of Brainstorm’s advertising execs to find out more. 

Be sure to take advantage of Brainstorm’s regular roundtable events where industry experts get together and thrash out a technology challenge, trend or buzzword. It is an excellent networking and editorial opportunity.

Futurewave BusinessIT: Business IT Africa, now in its 18th year of publication, brings the broad subject of information and communications technology (ICT) to the widest-possible audience – from the business decision-maker to the IT professional in both corporate and government.

Tip: Get the latest copy of Futurewave BusinessIT online.  Axel Bührmann is the editor of this business/ tech publication. (He happens to be my neighbour too!) Axel’s online presence is impressive, and he is also an excellent photographer. 

IT-Online: IT-Online brings news, trends, analysis, industry-specific information and technology to the widest audience of IT-interested readers. IT-Online consists of two distinct media: a Portal and a Newsletter.

Tip: IT-Online is an excellent resource for the latest technology news and it’s worth subscribing to their daily newsletter.  Kathy Gibson, the editor, is another well respected IT journalist and has been the driving force behind publications such as BusinessIT and Channelwise for many years. (And I have never known Kathy to be grumpy!)

Channelwise: With a circulation above 5 000, ChannelWise Africa talks to the IT channel of resellers in South Africa and English-speaking Africa. During its 16 years of publication, ChannelWise has become the magazine of choice for distributors, dealers, VARs, Systems Integrators, Solution Providers and Resellers in the IT market, helping them to stay on top of the game in the dynamic and ever-changing IT environment.

Tip: The title of the publication says it all – the publication focuses on channel related news in South Africa. If you’re a reseller or distributor of products then look to advertise in Channelwise

Gadget: Launched in March 1998, Gadget is South Africa’s leading online magazine on the consumer technology, office hi-tech and general gadgetry that makes our lives both easier and more complicated. It has reviewed anything from smart pens to smart cars, from hi-tech Laundromats to low-tech wind-up radios. Gadget is published by World Wide Worx (Pty) Ltd.

Tip: Ever heard of Arthur Goldstuck? If not, do a quick Google search. (Although if you’re in the tech industry, you would have read many of his articles.) Besides being editor-in-chief for Gadget, Arthur is also a well-known journalist, media analyst and commentator on ICT, the Internet and mobile communications and technologies.  

Sean Bacher is editor of Gadget and also writes for various magazines. 

Bandwidth Blog: Technology news blog publishing South African and global internet company news. +Video Interviews, Office Photos, Hands on Gadget Reviews and Insight.

EngineerIT: EngineerIT is a business-to-business magazine, published by EE Publishers, in print and online, eleven times a year, focussed on the business of science, engineering and related technologies.

The Margin: (An ITWeb publication) Covers IT reseller channel including selling to the public sector, software-defined networking, Internet, enterprise social networking, vendor’s service offerings, new product listings, executive appointments and channel awards. provides access to one of the most coveted audiences in the technology marketplace. Our website yields over 150 thousand users each month, including influential IT and Telecom professionals, vendors, solution providers, CIOs and CEOs of major multinationals.

Stuff: A gadget magazine – contains reviews, newest gadgets, appealing designs. Also contains lifestyle – defining gear, from mobile phones to surfwear & cars. is South Africa’s newest and most exciting tech blog, covering everything from the top end of government IT investment and spending down to maker culture, hackspaces and – well, generally – fun.

eNCA’s TechReport covers everything from new products, innovations and ideas, to what’s going viral on the world wide web. It also features in-depth reports on the latest products, websites and gadgets available and looks at how the web is affecting popular culture and the media at large. It’s presented by Tapfuma Makina.

So what’s next? Look at partnering with a reputable PR agency to manage your content and your marketing messages. At the end of the day, content remains king!


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