54662693 - businessman drawing innovation concept above the city

I have been blown away by the amount of innovation and entrepreneurship taking place in SA recently. Yes, it has been happening for many years, however, being in the PR game I get to meet many incredible people who are making a significant contribution to the SA economy.

I am going to name a few of these innovators since they deserve a mention and the recognition – and it’s certainly within everyone’s interest to share SA’s good news stories. Have a read:

  • Carter for developing a Tinder-like new car buying app. Its platform streamlines the link between new car buyers and new car dealers. As described on its website, “We at Carter strive to find win-win matchups between customers looking to buy a new car and dealerships with great deals and great customer service.” Now that’s a sweet deal.
  • On Show This Week will become a game changer in the local property sector. (Keep an eye on the media in the next few weeks)
  • Curve Technology Group for reversing the physics of innovation and turning entrepreneurship on its head with its revolutionary business model. (Watch this space!)
  • DVT’s Global Software Testing Centre (GTC) in Cape Town is reducing automated regression testing times for international and SA companies significantly, increasing the speed of new products to market.
  • SWARM Loyalty for changing the way retail and hospitality businesses interact with their customers by providing smart loyalty apps and marketing automation solutions. (Customers include Wakaberry, Starbucks, Carlton Hair, Kauai)
  • Incident Deskowned, managed and supported by Solution House and Dynamic Technologies, the company won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan ‘Customer Value Leadership’ award for Incident Management (IM) software in South Africa. (Customers include The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in the UK, Century City, Securitas Security). Solution House recently launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) module designed to predict and map potential crimes before they happen.

In today’s tough economic climate, it’s refreshing to see how innovation and entrepreneurship are booming. The people driving these businesses have one thing in common: passion. Kudos to all of you!

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