Since everyone is talking about the new James Bond movie Skyfall I thought it appropriate to post this piece.

A few tips to consider as a PR practitioner. I’ve added a final tip at the end of the article.




Bond, James Bond: 5 PR tips from 007

The latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” hits U.S. theaters this weekend.

Social media users are clearly excited. Various Bond related topics have appeared on Twitter’s trending list today, and the hashtag #DoYouKnow007 is a promoted topic. Media outlets are also covering the film’s release extensively, with reviews, fashion stories, retrospectives on the Bond franchise, and more.

Since the first official Bond film was released in 1962, the character has certainly evolved—for one, he’s become less of a cad—into the version Daniel Craig delivers. Many of the enduring themes of the franchise persist, and they offer some helpful (if lighthearted) reminders for people in the communications industry.

Nail your elevator pitch, every time.
 How does 007 introduce himself? That’s right: “Bond, James Bond.” While it’s curious that a spy would so willingly divulge his true identity, it’s an iconic calling card for the movie character. Do you have your calling card at the ready when you’re out and about? You’ll probably want to avoid simply saying your last name followed by your full name, but you should have your elevator pitch prepared for the next person who asks, “So what do you do?”

Always have the best gadgets. James Bond always has the best toys, whether it’s a jet pack (otherwise known as the Bell Rocket Belt) or a deadly cell phone. Similarly, communication professionals are often on the cutting edge of tech with their smartphones, tablets, and everything in between. If you don’t have the British taxpayer (or your boss) footing the bill for your new-fangled gadgets, look to all of the free (or nearly free) social media tools available at your fingertips. Maybe you can’t afford the iPhone 5, but a work computer and Internet connection can get you access to any number of useful online platforms.

Don’t rely too heavily on those gadgets. Although Bond would use devices (like that deadly cell phone) to his advantage, he didn’t rely on them too heavily. Instead, he leaned on his own cunning and guile. Similarly, social media has fueled public relations and marketing, but it’s not all about Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Bedrock communication skills are still important—maybe more important—in the digital age.

The clothes make the man (or woman). He’s the sharpest dressed spy in the business—again, prompting the question of why someone involved in the espionage trade wants to be so high-profile, but whatever—which impresses his foes and friends, alike. You should dress the part, too. It’s not that you need to drop thousands on a designer clothes and accessories, but at least look sharp when you’re meeting with a client or potential employer.

Drink and gamble more. Don’t take this the wrong way; we’re not advocating vices, but instead urging everyone to get out more. Bond mingles in swanky clubs and casinos, swilling shaken martinis (or in “Skyfall,” a Heineken) and betting big on roulette. It needn’t be a bar or casino, but you need to step away from the computer and smartphone as often as possible and meet people for coffee, lunch, or drinks, or attend networking events. You can start relationships online, but you build them face-to-face.


My own two cents worth…

Shoot to kill. Be a sharpshooter in terms of your media targeting approach. Don’t use the shotgun approach and send your news to the whole media universe. (Unless Microsoft buys Apple) Rather use a Walther PPK (Bond’s weapon of choice in most of his movies) and aim for a few high level journalists. (I’m not saying that you should shoot them) Know who you are targeting, will your news be relevant to the publication’s readers and will the media coverage benefit your client?

And finally if you haven’t seen the trailer for Skyfall, click on this link to view:


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